Custom - made locket


After doing such a fantastic job on my wife's 40th birthday present Maria was the obvious choice to produce something memorable for my wife on her first mothers day (after giving birth to our twin boys the week before).


I had decided on a locket and Maria did not let me down! The timescales this time were even tighter but Maria managed to provide an inspired design and produce it all in a couple of days (over a weekend too) yet again to time and budget. My wife was absolutely thrilled with the locket which was stunning in design and beautifully made (and also the lovely card and words she included with it). It now has a picture of each of the boys in and she refuses to take it off.


Everyone who sees it comments upon it and are wowed when they realise what it is and how it has been designed. Seriously people, if any of you are even considering getting jewellery for family or friends and want something hand made and unique (at a price to suit your budget) you can do no better than Maria, she is a great designer, a skilled craftswoman and a lovely lady - I guarantee you won't be disappointed!!


Richard C.